How To Workout Without Breaking A Sweat

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You don't have to sweat like pig when you exercise to know you've had a great workout. In fact, you don't even have to feel like you came out of a sauna to have a great workout. All you need to do to have a wonderful workout is to contract your muscles as much as possible without much moment needed.

You don't have to sweat when you exercise to know you've had a great workout. In fact, you don't even have to feel like you've had an amazing workout to have a great workout. All you need to do to have a great workout is to contract your muscles as much as possible. Now, contracting your muscles like this does take practice, but once you know how you can workout anytime, anyplace. You can exercise while brushing your teeth, cooking dinner, or driving home in the car. If you need to practice controlling your muscles read my last article on building muscle with your intent. It's not necessary for this article, but it helps. 

Here are three exercises you can do during the course of your day to get into great shape without sweating or feel like you're working too hard: 

1. Squat Holds While Brushing Your Teeth Or Doing Makeup

a. Get your toothbrush ready. 

b. Before you start brushing, bend your knees and squat down about 4-6 inches. 

c. Hold this position for as long as it takes to brush your teeth. 

d. Repeat for flossing and rinsing. 

2. Pushups While Making Oatmeal For Breakfast

a. Get your oatmeal ready and pop it in the microwave. 

b. When you hit the "start" button, put your hands on the counter top, take a step back, and START doing Counter Pushups. Most oatmeal takes 1-2 minutes so you can get at least 20-50 pushups in before the bell dings. 

c. When the oatmeal is ready, stop your workout and enjoy a nice hardy bowl of oatmeal. The fiber will clean out your intestines and the carbs will fuel the muscles that you just used! 

3. Vacuums While Driving In The Car 

a. Get situated in your seat and make sure you where you're going. 

b. Once you're ready, suck in your stomach as if you were going to touch your belly button to your spine. 

c. Take 5 deep breathes while holding your stomach in. 

d. Relax your stomach and repeat in a minute or so. This exercise works your abs. Trust me, you'll feel it in the gut. If you don't feel it immediately, you will within 24-72 hours due to delayed onset muscle soreness!

So there you have it, three simple exercises to do over the course of your day. None that will actually make you sweat either. None that will make you feel like you've worked too hard. But all will move you toward your fitness goal. 

Take action all day long and the health benefits are yours for the taking. No sweat!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to get an effective fat-burning workout without breaking a sweat.

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