Top 10 Best Coffee Shops In NYC

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It's no wonder that the city that never sleeps The Big Apple (New York City) runs on caffeine. For most people, coffee is one of their go-to drinks to stay active and alert. Whether you want a cup of coffee to kickstart your day, a spot to rejuvenate your fatigued self, or just an excuse to mix happy hour cocktails and coffee, here are a few of the best coffee shop businesses in NYC. 

Top Ten Best Cafes In New York City

1. Devocion 

This Brooklyn-based company with Colombian roots has a 10-day origin story for every cup of coffee they serve. Their menu is espresso-based and straightforward. They are known for their exceptional croissants and have four locations, two in Brooklyn and two in Manhattan. 

2. Abraco 

A lovely cafe located at 81 East 7th street in New York, Abraco’s beans are sourced from South America. They use organic milk to make their coffee drinks and their famous homemade olive oil cake is best accompanied by their many espresso drinks. 

3. Birch 

Having a lovely warm interior design, Birch holds the perfect vibe for any occasion. They are very well known for their Kyoto drip iced coffee. This top coffee shop business cafe sources coffee beans from all over the world. They are set up in 13 locations throughout the city. 

4. Blue Bottle 

The dainty shop serves coffee in distinctive blue coffee cups and is known for its cute outdoor bar seats. They have coffee from all over the world which they brew in front of you at their pour-over bar. Known for its drip coffee and cold brew, this cafe has several branches spread throughout the city. 

5. Hi-Collar 

Located in the East Village of NYC, this cafe company specializes in siphon coffee and draws inspiration from kissatens - Japanese coffee, and tea cafes. It is a coffee shop during the day and a sake bar at night. They allow the customers to choose from a variety of beans and brewing methods available. Customers also have the privilege of munching on Japanese pastries and sandwiches. 

6. Coffee Project 

The cafe located at East Village’s Coffee Project was the first of its now three locations. It is famous for its cold brew and deconstructed coffee. Every ingredient is served separately so that you can actually build your own coffee exactly to your liking. 

7. City Of Saints 

This hidden gem has two locations in the city, one in Williamsburg and one in the East Village. This cafe is known for its cold brew and its tedious process of leaching the flavor from the beans resulting in truly unmatched flavor. 

8. Everyman Espresso 

More than anything, this premium coffee shop is known for its unique vibes. The tiny shop is located on Broadway in New York and is designed with beautiful woodwork. It is the perfect spot for a getaway from the daily madness of the big city. Grab a cup of their excellent cappuccinos and have a short conversation with their happy staff. 

9. Shakespeare And Company 

Originally a bookstore, Shakespeare and Co. sells one of the best coffees available in Manhattan. They have an excellent collection of coffee, iced drinks, and pastries on their menu, and you get the bonus of browsing the shelves for the books of your choice. 

10. Cafe Integral 

This creative cafe specializes in an exclusively Nicaraguan coffee menu. This top coffee shop is known for their bright vibes and their friendly staff. They have a small selection of sundry items, and their own roasted coffee beans are available for purchase for caffeine consumption

Cafe Conclusion 

Those are the top 10 best coffee shops in New York City! Make sure to get your caffeine fix from these top coffee companies in the big apple.