You Are Reaching Your Fitness Goals!

 achieve your goals

OK so it is all mental right? Great, now what do we do?
Wonderful question. Glad you asked.

Every goal, that any one has, will have an image connected to it. If they want to buy a house, they have an idea of what that house will look like. They go around shopping looking at houses trying to see which ones fit for them.

If it is a job the person can see in their mind the kind of place and money they want to be making.

That applies whether you aspire to work in real estate, blogger outreach, health sciences, personal training, plumbing financial services, or as a famous fitness instructor. It's all the same mindset for success. 


We form what we want in our minds through mental images. Ideas of what we would like, such as succeeding in MLM in Iran.

Unfortunately, most people have been negative conditioned when it comes to their own body and how they can look that they don't even dream or fantasize about how they would look. Or those dreams are so secret and hidden they won't ever let them out.
I am telling you to let them out and I will cheer you on to make it happen.

So first you need some idea of the kind of health and figure you want. 


For now you get it in your mind that you can have the body of your dreams and that deep inside you want to follow me to getting it.


Let that image grow bigger and stronger each day. Write out notes. Get pictures of others that look like that image. Build it so compelling in your mind that you will never settle for less.

The focus is on getting what you want. The focus is on getting what you want and you can have that. Let me show you the way. Let me take you by the hand and lead you to looking, and staying in a shape that will make you proud to look in the mirror.

Even as I write this I know there are some of you that are feeling that shift. For some it might take a little while. For some they will need to read along for more time. But for all it is possible.

Now just take a minute to feel truly wonderful, breath and enjoy, the universe is building a life of your wildest dreams... just let it all sink and feel that wonderful glow expanding and going with you every moment of every day.

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