Mind Over Body: Mental Decisions For Healthy Living

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In the past blog posts I have been emphasizing my point that this is mainly all mental. What foods we eat, if and when we work out, and what healthy lifestyle choices we make all start with the mind. For some that might not seem correct.

Let's look at this. Every decision, including what we eat, starts in our thinking. It's all mental!

Every action we take is in our nervous system and we evaluate whether to do or not, mental.


Even with the greatest of will-power you will eventually gravitate back to what is in your brain and how it is organized.

Many of my posts on Facebook are about a form of training. Training your mind now to think in a more positive and strong way about your health and fitness. It is all about mental training.
Every client I have had didn't see the pieces that were keeping them stuck and unsuccessful. Once we were able to expose, work through, take action to change... the pieces came together.
It really is that straightforward.

I know you all want to look and feel wonderful. Stop denying yourself that. Give yourself the gift of the body you dreamed of and those feelings you so desire.

I will guide and show you just how to make those inner switches where you go from negative and unwanting to being on fire to produce your wildest dreams.

Once the switches are made you just maintain those beliefs and thoughts.

It won't feel like work or sacrifice but a passion of living you have been long waiting for.

Read and read this again until you start to feel that desire grow more and more still inside you that I know now is happening.

Live with a tremendous fire for life and love.

Always your coach and trainer! Glen Burns

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