Sport Specific High Intensity Total Body Training Workout


Sport specific training is different then weight loss workouts or bodybuilding plans. It's all about power, speed, and total body training as opposed to isolation exercises and stagnant low intensity cardio. Try out this tiring total body training workout and boost your athletic performance in a variety of sports!

Do 1-2x per week along with 3x per week lifting workouts and cardio

x = 1 set of 8-12 reps

1x Pushups warmup
1x Bicycle Abs warmup
1x Quadrips warmup

3x Barbell Squats
3x Chest Presses
3x Clean + Press
3x Deadlifts
3x Power Clean
3x Medicine Ball Throwdowns
2x Bent Over Barbell Rows or T-Bar Rows
2x Pullups
2x Clap Pushups or Plyo Pushups

1x Plank 30-60+ second hold
1x Pushups until failure

Gradually increase weights and reps and decrease time between sets to improve performance and boost testosterone.

Make sure to pair this intense athletic training with proper nutrition and dietary supplements that work.

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