Why Craft Chocolate And Dark Chocolate Are Superfoods

craft chocolate dark chocolate healthy diet

Nobody likes to diet because it keeps them from eating their favorite foods. For most people that might mean pizza, pasta, alcohol, red meat, and worst of all chocolate! Well Fat Burning Fitness is here to tell you that chocolate can still be part of your weight loss or bodybuilding diet and you will still get incredible results. You just have to make sure that you are consuming healthier dark chocolate or artisanal craft chocolate instead of the cheap processed milk chocolate or white chocolate products that you usually find in your grocery store or brand name products. 

Craft Chocolate

Craft chocolatiers create healthier and tastier chocolate products like artisan chocolate bars by hand and with all natural ingredients. There are less preservatives included in artisanal chocolate which means fewer chemicals and filler. The cocoa beans are also fresher and have a higher chance of being farmed organically or with reduced pesticides since they are often times from local farmers.

Aside from the health benefits, craft chocolate tastes amazing! Think of the difference in flavor between craft beers and the usual stale swill from cheap cases and you'll get the idea of how much better craft chocolate tastes. The flavors are more diverse, richer, and more sophisticated. That means you can enjoy smaller amounts of chocolate with the same enjoyment and even less of an impact on your weight loss or bodybuilding diet.

What makes craft chocolate even better is the positive effect it has on both local economies and the environment. Craft chocolatiers work directly with local cocoa bean farmers and pay fair wages since the middleman is removed and they can charge higher prices to the customer than the competing corporations. Craft chocolatiers also usually use more environmentally friendly wrapping materials. You don't have to feel guilty about breaking your diet or harming the environment when you consume craft chocolate. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate and recipes with dark chocolate are also healthier alternatives to the low quality milk chocolate or white chocolate found in average products like candy bars and chocolate covered snacks. 

Dark chocolate has higher levels of antioxidants, fiber, heart-healthy fat, minerals, and protein while containing less added sugar. It also usually has higher levels of natural caffeine which means you might be able to skip that extra cup of coffee that probably contains sugar, fat, and chemicals from flavor syrup. 

Dark chocolate has been shown to improve alertness, protect your skin from sun damage, reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce risk of diabetes, and improve immune system. It is a veritable superfood!

And if you want the perfect storm of healthy and delicious chocolate, look no further than craft dark chocolate!!

Chocolatey Conclusion

While you may need to eat in reasonable portions, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to include healthier craft chocolate or dark chocolate into your weight loss diet. Everything should be in moderation after all, plus you will need some treats to help keep you on the diet in the first place! Good luck and enjoy some sweet treats today to boost your wellness!

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