You Are Going To Succeed!

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The best thing you can do is come back each day to Fat Burning Fitness: read and read some more.

Let those good feelings grow stronger and stronger.

You will begin to see more and more how your mind is changing to the positive.

Then contact me and we will get started.


let's get one major lie out of the way. THERE IS NO WAY TO SPOT REDUCE FAT. I don't care if you do a million sit-ups, your body will take off the body fat in the pattern that your body works from.

The best exercise for losing body fat is hyper flexors. That is when you grip your body's muscles so tight as to not open the box of cookies or hold yourself accountable and not run for a pizza.

For every one I preach consistency. If you can't do a light work out for a year, where will you be with some intense workout a few months from now.... you got that right, sitting on your butt watching the TV. Whether it's marketing your business or getting in shape, you need to put in the work! 

Now just follow along... I will guide and lead you. The more of the articles you read the stronger you will get... and the easier this will all be.

Follow along with me. Be a part of my team. Join in now with wanton zeal and commitment.

Now for a day of exercise. God outside. Look up at the sky and give great thanks for this wonderful life you have. There are millions upon millions who have less than you do.

So add some passion to your exercise. Say even to yourself....yes I do want this.

Remember we are a team and we always succeed together.

Go back during the day and spend a brief moment reading the other passages. 

The more we have on board the greater that push will be.



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