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Hello everyone and happy holidays.

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I have been having this image since around August of this year. The power within it is one more thing you will enjoy

An example, but the vision has it at tremendously higher level, this huge team forming. This is not your average team either. 

It won't be about pushing some products onto anyone. No selling at all is needed.

Think of it this way. Do you need any motivation what-so-ever to do your favorite hobbies or activities? We are all acutely aware what that answer is.

So what is this team thing I am speaking of.In the physical form it is like the rescue aid to Houston and Florida before, during, and after the treacherous storms. We are living in a spiritual storm now. Substances that people who can easily addicted are more and more in the "market." But what if we had something that made those people feel so good they wouldn't want to mess with it because it would alter their spiritual bliss.

Business, psych of business, and group dynamic research and writings focus on dozens of reasons why teams can be so powerful.

OK one small piece. I had a client that was highly motivated, mature, and truly wanting to change.. I just told her to eat healthy. The very second day we are working together she sends me pics and description of her dinner that would put many a chef to shame with how great it looked.
-- one person can barter recipes.


One awesome story is I have my pal at the gym that is hooked on my success patterning... I mean like hooked. His language has changed. His demeanor more positive... and I hit this dude with some seriously upper-level growth routines. and it is on barter.

My life time goal would be to have millions of people on this program of love, strength, and spiritual bonding for everyone.

I do feel things heading that way.

I want you all with me. Eventually I see having a massive staff of supporters as many or as few as wanted.


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