You Are On My Team

This is your life. They are writing a book about you

What do you see on the cover?

Are people buying it off the shelf to learn about your amazing life? Do you now look down upon society and  know just how God was using you to master a plan of love.

That is all happening now.Yes our senses can not make such time jumps easily but it is

Inside you is the power to write the life of your dreams. Do you follow me? Or do you just kind of skip over things?

Many many years ago it was common for people to line up for days. No food. No shelter. No nothing other than their desire to meet, and possibly train with a teacher.

All I want you to do is just read. Just be now in such a harmony with love, joy and euphoria that you want to sing to the world this process

Some willl, great? Some might be shy... that is OK.. yet you want it and that is what will make you a part of the team.

Yes welcome to GBFT (Glen Burns Fitness Team)

I am expecting a good amount of money in the near future and I will be investing. Not to make money, Not to get attention.


Learn those letters and use often.

Health & fitness for life.

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Love you all,

Best wishes,
Your Coach Glen at GBFT

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