Believe That You Can And You're Halfway There

believe that you can and you are half way there quote

Beliefs are so strong that they can keep a person stuck or they can keep a person going.

But no matter what, we can always be working for a goal no matter what we believe.

It is just better if you believes are the kind that get you up in the morning and light a huge fire under your ass all day.

Main and biggest points about believes is, THEY ARE YOURS!!!! You might have first got them from Ricky the knuckle head selling stolen stereos at the end of the street but they are yours.

My question then becomes. Why have beliefs in your mind that make thing harder or more painful. Doesn't that sound really stupid.

Know I know you are all above average intelligence people here so I will be assuming that when you find a negative or limiting belief your first instinct will be like what you do to that mosquito you hear flying around for the first time at the beginning of summer... lock on target and destroy!!!

I know if you made a list of your workout and eating beliefs you would must likely laugh and be like..."no wonder why my gut looks the way it does." Now what you want to do is shift them to a level of importance of what would you do if someone was messing with your kids or grand babies. What would you do then?

You want to learn how to turn the corner on your own mind. I know you are all with me on this one. I know you can easily see the basic logic and the enormous power it holds for you.

Try these beliefs out for 30 days, just simply repeat a few times during a few times a day. Then come back and tell me what is up.

-- I am determined to make my fucking life rock in ways that makes twenty years old stand at attention.

-- I am now going to use the power of my mind to make revolutionary changes in my life.

-- I will become more and more dedicated each day to making a positive difference in my life.

-- I am fucking unstoppable

-- I am a fucking warrior

-- Anything that gets in my way will soon be a relic of the past.

-- I will have people wondering what the fuck happened and I will show them here.

You know you want it. You know you can have it. You know you will dive in feet first



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