Who Will You Become?

who will you become with god's love

Who will you become? The question is being answered every single day by every thought, action, and attitude that you have. Slow down for a bit today. Notice your thinking and a little more. Is this who you really want to be? Is this who you want to have your family, friends, and children see?

People often talk about wanting to be happy or having fulfilling lives for themselves and their families. What is that? Is it the kind of car they drive? Is it the vacation they go on each year? Is it the neighborhood they live in?

I don' think it is any of those things. As a spiritual adviser and fitness trainer, I think it is so more basic than all that. It is how we treat one another. What kind of goals are we creating and the way those goals effect the family and friends.

My little plea to all of you is... the next time you are hearing the news or that thought of "what is this world coming to?" Stop yourself. Ask yourself. What am I doing today that is really making a difference? Did I reach out to someone today? Did I try to make a positive change for someone? Did I say a prayer for those poor people across the world in such trouble and strife.

This is not about feeling bad. This is about lifting up the world we live in. It is about feeling better about what our days and lives are about.

Be the example that God intended for you to be... Peace and Love to All -- Love Glen Burns

Glen Burns Fitness International

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