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PROGRAM YOUR MIND HERE FOR SUCCESS DAILY! Welcome, so glad to have you reading along here today. One thing I know... and it is something I am sure you also know...  that with information comes power. That knowledge that can lead to greater and greater things. Deep within every human being is that quest to do and be more. My driving force in life has been the pursuit of information and how to help others... so join along with us. Take in for a moment some information that will change your life forever.

We have all heard the stories of great men and women who had folks who believed in them and helped them on their roads to making a difference. Whether it is about getting healthy. Maybe losing some unwanted pounds, or even having a body you dreamed of...you can have it. I want you to read that and believe it. Take that in now. You can have that.

I am not one to say... ohhh you just need to look inside and see what is stopping you. I find that kind of thinking silly at best. NOTHING IS STOPPING YOU. As Melinda Gates quotes, "What great changes have not been ambitious?" What you will find here is that energy that propels you to go after your goals day in and day out. Yes it takes effort. Yes you will find it so enthralling that not doing it will be ridiculous.

Sound like something you want. I encourage you to re-read what I have wrote in the past. It is a part of out mental working out. The more we are on the same page the easier this will be for you.

Did you know that if your unconscious mind believes that losing unwanted pounds is so hard or so impossible it will resist and not allow it to happen? Did you know if you think getting in shape is so hard that your mind will stop you just before you start to make progress.

That is not self sabotage. That is self programming. All programming works in the very same way. Program yourself to greet your family with hugs and smiles and that is what will happen. Program yourself to dump all your lame negativity onto them and that will happen.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, even out your chest muscles, or just feel better about yourself, it's going to take positivity and sweat.

But we all here want great things...right! You all want to be succeeding right! You all want to be in an endless flow of God's gracious glory where all you will want to do is share this information with others. 


You can overcome all obstacles. Begin to affirm to yourself often and all day, "I am a person who programs their mind for happiness and success."

Until next time. Yours in health and fat burning fitness...

- Coach Glen

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