5 Running Injuries You Could Be Facing And How To Prevent Them

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Runners know it well - the joy of running like anything, the fast and repeated movement, sweating it off and feeling it deep inside your bones! Sometimes, these rapid movements prove to be hard on the body. You may have listened to the stories about running injuries. 

Whether you are doing it for pleasure or training, exercises and running bring aches and injuries. Injuries can also be more common if you are not eating enough healthy food. By preventing the injuries it does not mean to receive any at all, it is rather taking the right steps when you experience any sort of injury. 

Following are a few common running injuries that you should remain aware of: 

1. Runner’s Knee

Athletes and runners are mostly affected by this-a pain in or around the kneecap. If you feel pain behind or around your knee, you have runner’s knee. Downhill running, weak hips or muscle imbalance put pressure on the kneecap. So, in order to avoid this pain, run on flat terrain and softer running places. 

2. Achilles Tendinitis

The inflammation in tissues that connect the heel to lower leg muscles is called swelling of the Achilles Tendinitis. This occurs due to a sudden increase in mileage, improper footwear, tight calf muscles, or flat feet. To reduce the pain, stretch calf muscles after a workout, and wear supportive shoes. Stretching, anti-inflammatory, rest, compression, ice, and elevation are highly effective was to prevent this pain. 

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3. Plantar Fasciitis

In most of the runners, the inflammation, irritation or tearing in plantar fascia occurs on the bottom of the foot. This inflammation is called plantar fasciitis. Due to excessive strapping on unsporting shoes and pounding on the road this injury occurs. The condition causes severe stabbing pain and stiffness in the arch of the foot. 

In order to soothe feet, wearing shoes with increased cushion, stretching heels, and taking sufficient rest proves helpful.  Also make sure to quit CrossFit WOD workouts at all costs, because CrossFit sucks for your joints, tendons, and ligtaments including your plantar fascia.

4. Shin Splints

Nearly every runner experiences stabbing and aching to feel in shins. This pain occurs when the muscles and tendons of the shinbone are inflamed. In order to reduce stabbing pain, consider icing the shins for 15 to 20 minutes. As well as keep your shins elevated during the night to reduce swelling. 

Although prevention is a bit trickier, however, the experts say, shock-absorbing insoles supporting arch help a lot. Moreover, if your sneakers are not well fit your foot, they also cause shin splints, also, run on the softer surfaces. Running on hills put severe pressure on shin’s muscles. 

5. Patellar Tendinitis

It is also called jumper’s knee. This injury is highly common among distance runners. Patellar tendinitis strikes when overrunning leads to small tears in the patella tendon. The patellar tendon connects kneecap to the shinbone. Overtraining, overpronation, and hill repeats cause this running injury. 

In order to prevent this injury, strengthen the quads and hamstrings muscles. Moreover, ice the knee at the point of the pain. Physiotherapy is usually recommended to soothe and strengthen the tendon. 

Bottom Line

Injuries occur regardless of any sports you are in. the most important thing is to know beforehand what to do when an injury occurs and how to observe preventive measures. If you want to know more about health, fat burning workout, and nutrition, keep reading my FitFluential blog.