Find Your Inner Champion

find inner champion

Hey everyone, I hope all are doing great and digging life. You deserve that and I hope while you continue reading and enjoying this and all the past blogs.. you feel better and better. They are designed... as you feel those wonderful feelings bubbling up again... to have your brain begin to connect more and more pleasure with our process.. the better it feels, the more you will want, even crave to do it.

See all things in life have this conditioning effect. If you grew up enjoying play cards, for example, and having fun doing it, you will have plenty of good feelings with playing cards. So let's play some cards.

Just the opposite, if you had uncomfortable feelings connected with something, you will unconsciously want to avoid it.

This is the way our nervous system works. We chase that which feels good. And we avoid that which feels uncomfortable.

I would love to teach you how to master this part of your motivational system.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have enormous pleasure connected with things that will make you happier and feel better about life, of course it would... we all know that.

So as you read, you can think more about it, or let it simmer a bit in your mind, as to when you want to take advantage of this very powerful tool. 

I would love to work with you on it and then you can go out and help so many others that are stuck in their negative connections.

Enjoy that. Have fun with it. Be happy. And I will see you soon fat burning fitness team!!

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