Keep Calm: You're A Champion!

keep calm meme you are a champion of fitness

I know you all are interested in getting into better shape and living longer. It is deep inside you wanting so badly to come out.

For me, as a business person, I never believed in trying to take a tiny slice of an already inundated pie. I believe in delivering a unique and highly effective method that no one else does. That is what makes me best!!

When you think of trainers, ask these questions. How much psychology have they been trained in? How much behavioral methods do they know? How many decades have they been working with people? And do they even have a clue as to how the mind works. How many decades have they been working out and helping others do the same, whether it be finding true love or losing 20 pounds?

I do.

I am an expert in it.

I can spot a pattern that is holding someone back in a millisecond. I do it all the time with clients and nonclients. Never met a single person who didn't have them.

So either you want to fail. Spend a lot of money on someone who took a weekend course, or someone who has a degree in nutrition, which is mainly for the sick, not the health conscious. OR YOU WANT SOMEONE LIKE ME WHO WILL GET YOU THERE. A true social media influencer marketing expert, but one that actually has the real world experience and decades of training.

I spit no bullshit. There are no miracle cures. There is just a habit of consistency. I get you into that habit and help you to stay there. 

All the while dispelling the nonsense you have learned over the years.

Yes I get paid for what I do and clearly not enough. 

You will never meet another person like me with my set of skills.

So if you are wanting to succeed, if you are wanting to feel better, and you are ready to make the investment, send me a message!! Love, Coach Glen Burns.

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