Omar Yunes 54D Fitness Program Review Endorsed By Alex Rodriguez

omar yunes ceo 54d fitness company

When Omar Yunes became CEO of the international wellness brand 54D in 2017, he could never have foreseen the dramatic upheavals that would affect him, and the entire world, over the next several years. But, as it turned out, the global COVID-19 pandemic spurred significant growth for 54D at a time when most companies were experiencing overwhelming hardship. 

A Hot “New” Fitness Trend 

In fact, the 54-day 54D “human transformation” program has expanded by leaps and bounds over the last two years, securing celebrity endorsements from the likes of Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima as well as legendary baseball player turned business leader and philanthropist Alex Rodriguez. 

However, 54D is certainly nothing new as we found in our fitness program review. A creation of professional soccer player Rodrigo Garduno, this fitness program became a minor sensation in his home country of Mexico a full decade ago. 

Garduno has always had a knack for instructing and motivating others. After years of motivating his teammates with his unstructured locker room talks, he decided to organize his guiding fitness philosophies into a single structure program. In addition to exercise, this program, which he dubbed 54D after the number of days needed to complete it, placed a profound emphasis on nutrition and recovery. 

“I was only helping people half of the way,” Garduno said. "You empower people with the ideas and motivation, but when they go back home they go to the same place they were before. For real life to change you need to go through the active process.” 

Furthermore, Garduno realized that the relevance of his new program extended far beyond his community of elite athletes. In addition to the physical benefits of 54D during his exercise reviews he conducted, the workout program is about breaking mental barriers, building community, and as Garduna puts it, “giving yourself wings.” 

The Expansion Of 54D Under Omar Yunes 

Educated in law at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and executive management at the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion de Empresas, Omar Yunes has proven an incredibly valuable asset to his fellow Mexico native Rodrigo Garduno and the rest of the 54D team. 

Since assuming control of 54D, Yunes has led the company through considerable growth including the opening of multiple studio facilities and the development of its first digital program 54D ON. This program proved ideal for a global population in the throes of a pandemic that closed gyms everywhere and made exercising more difficult than ever before. 

In addition to reaching people virtually through 54D ON, Omar Yunes spearheaded a range of brand awareness initiatives such as providing free 54D workouts on Instagram. As these initiatives continue to garner more and more adherents from around the world, it should come as no surprise that luminaries such as Alex Rodriguez have joined the 54D movement. 

Although the company has developed many innovative outreach and delivery efforts over the past two years, the core of the 54D program, with its unique focus on mental dedication, remains the same. According to Rodrigo Garduno, 54D will change the way people look and feel, but the most important component of health and wellness is how people think. “Their mindset,” says Garduno. “That, to me, is the only thing that really changes people's lives.”