You Can Create Anything

you can create anything keep running

Welcome all and I hope you enjoy greatly the newest addition to the fat burning fitness blog.

If you are just starting I do recommend the ten basic concepts. And for those looking for things to get better, read those again and again. Make it a habit to spend a few minutes a day reading them. This is how we change our thinking.

I will be spending some time on a very popular topic these days since the book "The Secret" came out.

What it is about, nothing new really, that our thinking and attitude create our world. It is nothing new because spiritual teachers have been saying this for thousands of years. 

It is however, only in the past fifty years that physicists have demonstrated it to be solid science too. This makes it even more interesting.

I like to look at my thinking in more concrete terms. Negativity is like putting poison in my body. Negative thoughts are like this heinous virus that slowly destroys the mind.

Where positive thinking is like eating the best of exotic fruits and vegetables. Fortifying your body to be greatly strong and vibrant.

We all have choice. Enjoy that power now. You can decide how you want your life to go. Yes this will take thinking in new ways. Yes that will take practice. Yes you can do it.

When we start out small enough we can always do what is needed to fulfill your every dream and desire.

When we start out small enough we can always do what is needed to fulfill your every dream and desire, feel it even deeper now...

Keep returning and checking up on the upcoming blogs in the Manifestation section and you will be amazed at what you are able to attract and have in your life.

So take a brief moment now... a slow deep breath... feeling that good calm and relaxation.. letting it slowly flow over your body as you easily read my words often, daily read them.. yes you are doing wonderful... you know that is at your core and wanting more and more of that... let it fill you... linger throughout you... and engulf your very being.. as you become more and more into this with me.


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