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One major key to being successful in fitness, or anything in life like sobriety through AA meetings, is understanding habit. Habits are the automatic behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs we have based on years of training. We are always in a state of training. Every time you think or do something you are telling your brain... this is what I want you to be doing. An aspect of the unconscious does not select, chose, or filter whether something is right, just, helpful, destructive or any value to it at all. It just does what it is told to do like a computer program. When we do things over and over again the brain will eventually be turned off and the behavior then happens from the spinal cord.

Building positive habits just takes practice... you can do it!!
Habits can be our greatest allies or our most feared enemies. Yet we played a part in all of it. Think of the word diet. That word originally was what a person ate. It had nothing to do with calorie restriction or weight loss. But over the years it got associated to just that. Most people even have this negative cringing at the simple hearing of the word. We have all been conditioned, through mass influence, to think losing weight around the word diet.

Building positive habits just takes practice... you can do it!!
Now, what if you learned a way to gear your habits to create your dreams. What if you thought now... since I was the one who created them.. then it can all change. It can all be rebuilt.
Unhealthy habits are also why 99% of the weight loss approaches fail. Think about it. If you don't change your core habits and align with a lifestyle of health and fitness, what is going to happen?

Building positive habits just takes practice... you can do it!!
If one practiced, trained, eating unhealthy and not exercising much for years... do you really think a few months, or even a year of negatively trudging through some boxed eating plan is going to change all that??? NO THAT DOESN'T WORK. Generally because the person, if their attitude about eating well and exercising doesn't radically change, they will simply gravitate back to the old habit.
Building positive habits just takes practice... you can do it!!

We need to always be thinking about which habit collection is stronger. The brain will always default to the most trained in habits. I have seen, read, and heard of people going on diets, two, three, and fifteen times losing 40 lbs or more only to gain it back. Why? They never changed their core habits and went back to the unhealthy excessive eating patterns.

This is why NONE of the diet gimmicks ever work long term. It is also why it is a 20 billion dollar industry and people are only getting fatter!!


What I do with clients is I show them how to easily and effectively tear down the old buildings... clear away the wreckage... and build the life of their dreams, one brick at a time.
By changing the old patterns you become free of them functioning, you gain a sense of both choice and skill in altering them.
Then we can work on creating healthy and effective patterning that pulls you like a magnet into your most wonderful dreams.
Sounds great doesn't it... paint that beautiful picture now and that's right you...can have that. You are worth it. You deserve it... and it is what you should be doing!!!

This is a first in a series of contributions about how to be successful in fitness goals. I do things very differently than the rest of the fitness industry. Why is that? I am about helping people succeed instead of trying to reduce their bank accounts. Yes I enjoy making money but I enjoy seeing people do well more. Even before being trained as a scientist, in multiple disciplines of the brain and behavior, I had this penchant for the truth.

I started in fitness around the age of ten. About the only thing I would read or look at had to do with bodybuilding, nutrition, training, or diet. Slowly I would learn what things were real and true, and what things were hype, snake oil, and down right lies. One could write a very long tale of all the nonsense that has infiltrated this area. Unfortunately, and several times, even well meaning intelligent people bought into much of it. For example, I love Oprah. She taunted a miracle fruit for weight loss. There were countless brands on the market and millions were being spent on it. I spent a hour combing websites looking for one tiny shred of logic in how it could possibly help. I know all the physiological pathways. The enzymes, hormones, neurochemicals etc. that are involved. And to avail, I found nothing. Then on one website, a very intelligent doctor, did a more extensive search than I did, and came to the exact same conclusion. A very healthy fruit that in no way directly contributed to fat loss.

The really sad part of the industry is the broken hearts and broken dreams. I don't feel for a second anyone buys into these scams knowing that they are wasting the money, love, and time for failure.

I am all about success. For alignment we have to start on a foundation of truth. Think about it...even in biblical times they knew. "Build you house on rock not on sand." WE MUST BUILD OUR MUTUAL CONNECTION IN WORKING TOGETHER ON THE TRUTH!!!

One might ask how year after year there is some new exercise system, some new diet plan, some new supplement gets so much attention and money. The answer is simple. They play on a pitch to people's hearts and desires... not to their reason and intellect. I am doing the latter. I am believing that all of you are intelligent enough to STOP buying into craziness. I am counting on all you good folks to be strong enough to say no to the lies. I am banking on all of you being steadfast in your insistence to face reality and succeed!

We are a team. I am always here for you. You can succeed. Let me show you how!!!



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