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I wanted to take a moment and welcome everyone to my blog. My goal here is to help you all to live better and healthier lives. I know in every person alive is that innate desire to be stronger, feel better, and enjoy that reflection you see in the mirror... isn't this so. Yet what is somewhat disappointing is that most never get there or they only get a taste of that

I am here to help you change all that and motivate you to reach the next level. Ready for a wonderful and new beginning... just imagine that. A beginning where you start to feel this consistent desire and zeal for life and making things go your way. Doesn't that sound wonderful... now that we are on the same page let's take a look at how things create alignment.

Over the years we learn all sorts of ways of thinking, doing, and believing. A great number of those simply reside deep in our minds. Some we are never even aware of till someone either points it out or we have one of those ah-hah moments.... those moments where we see things in a new light... a moment where clarity shows us some truth and beauty.

Take a slow, relaxing breath. Let your mind relax for just a moment. That is right... just for a bit... let whatever tension you might be feeling slowly ease away like a smooth warm wind flowing over you now.. that is good... wonderful... allow as spreading of this nice comfortable feeling gently wash over you... knowing that you are being filled up with a new and glorious inspiration every time you are here... easily reading and having fun be a part of this and all that is to come... yes you are... fantastic. I will be making posts in various different areas to help you and your friends, please feel free to share as much as you like with family and friends. 

There is a really great power in numbers. You have joined a flow, a process, a team where by our collective energies will lead to greater and greater success.

Yours in fitness and faith,

Glen Burns

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